Monday, September 7, 2009

To start with . . .

To start my blog out I will be posting an assignment I had in my 2-D art class.

Abstract Composition

In this composition I cut out 4X4 squares out of a large sheet of paper that I created marks with using found objects and india ink. I then put 16 of these squares together to create a single composition.

Gestalt theory states that we tend to continue shapes beyond their ending points and things which share visual characteristics will tend to be seen as belonging together. I was supposed to think about how the clever choice and arrangement of smaller squares can generate visual movement, fluidity, and rhythm so that each sqaure can be seen as a singular whole utilizing similarity and continuity.

What’s The Point? The idea is to begin the difficult process of imposing order on chaos, finding concrete meaning in visual ambiguity, and defining for ourselves the principles of gestalt in relation to continuity and closure.

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  1. I love it, John! I can't wait to see how you shape the blog in the months to come.