Monday, September 21, 2009

Abstract Composition Part 3 and 4

These two assignments were done concurrently, which is why I am posting these two parts together.

In part three (below),

This is an 8X8 composition where I took marks that I thought looked interesting and arranged them into an interesting composition by arranging and affixing them to the surface. The final product is layered with a significant amount of newly generated imagery without being overly complicated or busy.

What’s The Point? The idea is to begin the difficult process of imposing order on chaos, finding concrete meaning in visual ambiguity, and defining for myself in practice, the principles of gestalt. The point is to learn from the challenge of creating a cohesive and harmonious abstract composition from scratch, as opposed to the slightly easier task of simply reorganizing and reacting to existing imagery.
The final part of this project is conceptually rather simple, I had to choose my favorite composition/individual square of all from part 1 or 2 and then recreate it at a much larger scale (at least 22x22”). I projected and lightly traced the outline of marks, areas, and lines.

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