Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Second Drawing assignment

In these two drawings we were continuing our study of line in class. Using different line we were to create an interesting composition.

This first drawing was done right outside the art building. It shows a very interesting sculpture and some stairs that lead up to the building.

In this drawing some lines that were used were intuitve perspective lines, and scribble lines

This drawing was done after the drawing above. In this drawing, we were to focus more on compositon. Some things that the teacher was looking for were that objects ran off of the page, and your eyes should wander around the paper without getting stuck.

Some lines that I used in this drawing were again scribble lines and intuitive perspective lines.

In addition to intuitive perspective there is also atmospheric perspective which states that as things get futher away from you they get smaller and their lines get fuzzier.

The above drawing was done in my dorm lobby. In this view I am looking out of a window.

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