Sunday, April 25, 2010

Etching, ethcing and etching Oh My!

Finally we began etching in my printmaking class.
Etching or intaglio has always been my favorite technique when it comes to printmaking.

To create the plate used in this process you take a sheet of metal, in this case copper, and cover the surface with a tar like substance known as hard ground. After the hard ground is applied you scratch away at the surface revealing the copper plate.

After you have completed your drawing you place the entire plate into an acid bath. Where you scratched away the acid will eat and will create a groove for ink to sit. You can then apply ink and run the plate through the press to get your print.

In these prints I decided to focus on similarities in features. Since figure drawing is not my forte I decided to instead look at similarities between different facial features. Dad

You will notice that both me and my dad have glasses and my brothers chin is very similar to that of my dad's. I addressed the eyes of my dad and I the same way and my brother and I both have hair done in similar ways.

I tried to create a direct relationship between the lineage found among families.
The Title of this series is called "Lineage"


  1. My three handsome guys! I had no idea print making was so labor intensive!

  2. And this is the simplified version. There are about 10 steps i didn't include.