Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some 3-d work

My 3-D class has turned out to be really interesting. It is more like a drafting class. In this assignment We had to cut out designs of each side of the shape.

Here it is before I glued it together.

And when I spray painted the cube i got these awesome shapes that i had to show.


  1. That does look more like a drafting project.

  2. Hmm . . . Did you have a hard time lining up all the pieces? Three dimensional puzzles can be complicated.

  3. it actually wasnt hard lining it up, so much as getting it to stay together. After i took this photo I moved it to a different spot and it commpletley fell apart. :(

  4. Did you create templates first to cut out the designs? Very impressive project, and I like how you had to show the spray painted designs!