Monday, October 5, 2009

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Here it is, the final drawing dealing with the idea of line. In this drawing, one-point perspective was the main objective. In one-point perspective all lines converge into one vanishing point. Also in this drawing we were required to use create a surreal environment by placing objects that would not necessarily appear in the space. Can you guess the theme I chose for the surreal portion? This surreal portion contrasts a great amount to the rigidity of the one-point perspective.

I am not sad to see the end of the line drawings. Line drawings tend to feel incomplete. Up next are some drawings using value, as well as some 3d work.


  1. Dalí move over! I like this surrealist drawing, and I don't usually like surrealism. Very cool!

  2. It looks cool. I wish I could make it larger. I am having a difficult time seeing all of it. I am a fan of surrealism.