Monday, November 9, 2009


This weekend Navy Pier was host to a wonderfull art exhibit called SOFA ( and no it is not a display of different couches. SOFA stands for "Sculpture Objects and Functional Art" Fair. While I have heard about this exhibit for many years, I have been unable to attend for one reason or another. However, this year I was able to go. Northern Illinois University provided the transportation and we bought the tickets.

While there were a variety of media ranging from clay ceramics to crayons used the same way Seraut painted, my favorite portion and the most prominent was the glasswork that was on display. The pieces ranged from blown glass bowls to intricate pieces of jewelry. By far the most stunning piece was this blown glass chandelier.

No photos were allowed to be taken in the exhibit so these images were taken from the catolog that I purchased.
In addition to the exhibit their were several demostration that took place throughout the day. My favorite was done by the Corning Museum of Glass and consisted of a glass blowing demonstration. Here you can see the demonstration in progress.

Definitely worth a visit again next year.


  1. Is the chandelier a Dale Chihuly piece? It's beautiful! Actually, I like all the pieces you feature on this post.

  2. No, when i went they were not displaying his artwork.